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It is time to invest Money in something different, SportsBits is a “Full Service” company specialized in investments from whole ambit in the still unexplored, but very lucrative, sector of the “gaming” world. You can be one of the pioneers in generating profits in this new market with our platform, which we have managed to develop thinking about your needs as an investor, we invite you to read the entire content that our page shows you so that you be able to know best about this new opportunity.

Investment plans

Daily Plan

Up to


Daily Return for 21 Business Days

This plan will offer a constant 7% to 8% depending on your deposit amount, and provide steady returns for 21 business days. Every business day (Monday through Friday) your daily earning will be credited to your account balance. Please note that your principal is included in your profits.

Login to your account, select your desired investment platform, select the plan, enter the amount, select your payment processor and deposit.

Min: $10 or equivalent BTC,LTC,ETH | Max: Unlimited | Up to 168%



7 Week Days

This weekly plan aim to provide you earnings after one week or 7 week days, this plan will provide a total net profit of 12% on your deposit after 7 calendar days (even on non business days). This plan doesn’t provide daily earnings, but will give you 12% and your principal after expiry (112%) and it was designed to cover the needs of our clients that require a short term income, it offers less returns compared to our monthly plan, but it is preferable for members seeking out a faster break even point of 1 week

Min: $20 or equivalent BTC,LTC,ETH | Max: $10,000 | Fixed 112%








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About Our Company

Who would have thought that the financial market, the one that we always thought to be “bulletproof”, would collapse? In a similar manner that the price of oil dropped in the market to almost $0.00. This thought would have been an impossibility which was supposed to be highly unlikely to occur, but it did. And everyone was not prepared for it, nor did we expect it right? So what can we do now if the markets we thought were a feasible option have now collapsed?

We, as humans, adapt to our environment naturally. It is time to farther our horizons and stop thinking that the only way to make money is through brokers who will invest your money in the most popular stock or in the oil industry or through the investments we always hear about or see in the news all the time. We bring you, SportsBit, an unorthodox and a game changing opportunity! From a market that recently seen a spike in trend and market share, gaming servers that have recorded historical highs of online players (millions of online players or gamers), tournaments with prizes at their highest level almost unheard of before, E-sports is now your best bet and SportsBit is your channel to this opportunity.


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